Mutyebere: The brains behind Chicken Slice

The brand comprises Chicken Slice, Creamy Slice, Pizza Slice and Slice Express.
Naturally the question that has been on almost everyone’s lips has been on the personality behind the brand.
The driver of the brand is none other than Packers International founder and chief executive Mr Tawanda Mutyebere.
After rising from humble beginnings Tawanda was driven by a vision to be his “own boss” one day and this saw him attaining a brand name in the local food industry.

Tawanda grew up in a Christian family and said he believes that “Mwari vanoropafadza basa remaoko” (God blesses the works of your hands) thus believes in self-employment.
At 35, he has vast experience in finance and administration in the private sector at senior level and has always aspired to be a businessman.
“I always had that ambition of becoming a businessman because when I was young I always used to say when I grow up I want to be a businessman. So it was always my prayer,” he said.
The company opened its first project on May 1 2010 along the Harare- Masvingo highway at the 192km peg in Mvuma.

“The Mvuma food court incorporates a pizzeria, coffee and ice-cream, fried chicken and an express convenience superette.
“The major thrust was and is still to leave a lasting impression after the World Cup 2010. Over this period, the company has sourced state-of-the-art equipment,” said Tawanda.
Tawanda decided to venture in the fast-food business after the realisation that a void had been created due to a slackening in the provision of quality products to the market.
“The Slice brand aims to be an effective and efficient preferred supplier of all fast foods and convenience groceries,” said Tawanda.

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