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The socio-economic and political stability is envisaged to continue into the future. The expected increase in capacity utilization through branch network expansion will present additional opportunities for business growth. The Mvuma site is strategically positioned along the epicenter of the Harare-Masvingo and Harare-Gweru highways. The market is an all inclusive catering from the low to the high income consumers, diet conscious to non-particular product clientele and those in need of refreshments.


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All identified potential sites in greater Harare are at the hub of business activity thus maximizing consumer needs with a unique brand. The locations are ideal while the product mix is a combination of high moving fast foods and juices coupled with lots of rest environments for business and pep talk.
With such a branch roll out based on a strengthened, tried and tested brand growth prospects are real, the Mvuma Slice is testimony according to it’s performance.



Health & Nutrition

At SLICE, we believe it’s important to lead an active lifestyle and follow a balanced diet, so we want to make sure you know the nutritional value of our menu items.


Delectable Food

To SLICE, great tasting products and guaranteed freshness is everything. We’re open and honest about the quality of the products. Find out about our food and our Taste Guarantee to you.


Premium Services

Not only are our restaurants audited, but so are our suppliers to make sure the safety guidelines are upheld and the chicken and ingredients we get are of the best quality for you.


Farm Fresh Foods

Great tasting products and guaranteed freshness is everything. We want to make sure you get consistently great tasting food and a So Good Experience every time! We’re open and honest about the quality of the products and want you to know how we prepare them. Have a look below for some So Good to know facts about SLICE! Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, SLICE’s chicken is freshly prepared in-store, following the same processes and quality standards to cook every meal, making sure you receive hot and deliciously fresh food every time.

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